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Andrew Bolt: ‘We are at the point of apartheid now’

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Andrew Bolt says the nation is heading down the path of apartheid and it needs to stop.

This week, the NSW government moved to introduce “culturally appropriate spaces” and “designated Aboriginal waiting rooms” in hospital emergency departments.

Andrew tells Chris Smith at the same time, the Labor party called for an Aboriginal-only advisory parliament.

“I think… we are at the point of apartheid now,” he says.

“You may as well put up a sign ‘No Whites Here’.

“The path we’re on will lead to… a form of apartheid in this country. We’ve got to stop it.

“It’s fundamentally racist.”

On the future of coal in Australia, Andrew says the current aversion to coal-fired power stations is “ludicrous”.

“It’s all for this global warming idiocy.

“People are losing their jobs, they’re getting power bills they can’t afford and it’s all for nothing.”

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