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Andrew Bolt: The ‘worthless promise’ in Turnbull’s latest budget

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The government’s latest budget shows tax reform is well and truly on their agenda.

The government intends to spend $140 billion over 10 years to ease the tax burden, planning lump-sum payments for low and middle-income earners at tax time.

Andrew Bolt says the government played it “very safe” with this budget, with most of the reforms looking too far ahead.

“It centres on tax reforms… most of them would come in about six years time,” Andrew tells Chris Smith.

“That’s a worthless promise in politics.”

The Labor Party is yet to issue their budget reply but Andrew predicts they’ll be pushing to get “back in the picture” with their own tax reforms.

“I think Labor’s going to say, those budget surpluses? We can do better.

“The tax cuts? Well, we could even top the tax cuts for the poor but we won’t give those tax cuts for the richer Australians.

“I think that’ll change some of the atmospherics and put Labor back in the picture.”

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