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Andrew Bolt: ‘If the government backs down, it will look weak’

Andrew Bolt says the government will look weak if it backs down on a proposal to shift our Israeli embassy to appease Indonesia.

In the lead up to the Wentworth by-election, Prime Minister Scott Morrison raised the idea of moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The move angered the Indonesian government and there are concerns a free trade agreement with the country may be in doubt if Australia doesn’t scrap the proposal.

It’s reported today the Morrison government has approached Indonesian ministers, assuring them there’s a “less than a five per cent chance” the move will go ahead.

Andrew Bolt joins Deborah Knight, saying “that’s just bizarre”.

“That’s granting the Indonesians a veto over where we place our embassies in other countries”.

“I think that’s crazy.

“If the government backs down, it will look weak. But worse than that, Australia will look weak.”

Andrew is questioning why Indonesia is prepared to put a free trade deal on the line over the policy, but Australian isn’t.

“Australia doesn’t have the balls to say we’ll put the trade deal on the line, we will move this embassy as we wish.

“How come it matters more to Indonesia than it does to Australia where we put our own embassies?

“I find this a real sign of Australian weakness. That we make this call and then we cower.”

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