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Andrew Bolt has a different take on Virgin’s plan to honour veterans

Andrew Bolt says Virgin Australian didn’t deserve the flack they copped over a plan to honour veterans.

The airline has backed away from a decision that would see current and ex-servicemen and women given priority boarding.

They also floated the idea of acknowledging veterans once onboard.

The move received pushback from the defence community, with some saying the gesture was “tokenistic”.

Virgin Australia says it won’t proceed with its plans if it doesn’t receive support.

Some have suggested veterans should be offered discounts at airport lounges instead.

Andrew Bolt says, from his point of view, Virgin’s idea was a good one.

“A public acknowledgment that Virgin was talking about, that’s actually more educative, more significant to me culturally,” he tells Chris Smith.

“I think Virgin got a lot of stick that was undeserved for what it said.

“I’d rather that than offering 10 per cent off.”

Andrew has also weighed in on taxpayers coughing up money to get public servants colouring books and fish tanks.

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