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Andrew Bogut points the finger at NBL for mishandling the finals

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This week the NBL finals were cancelled halfway through the best-of-five series due to coronavirus fears.

The decision followed the Sydney Kings pulling out after game three because the players felt safety should come first amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A day later the Perth Wildcats were announced champions in an ultimate asterix marked winning title.

Sydney Kings star Andrew Bogut tells Sport Zone’s James Willis, “there were numerous reasons why we decided to go the rout we did and it can’t be taken lightly that it was a very hard decision to make and a very emotional one”.

“It was nothing to do with a competitive advantage for us or gamesmanship.

“Look, I’m ok with them winning 2-1 if that’s what the NBL decide… my gripe was never with the Perth Wildcats being awarded the championship.

“My gripe was with the handling from the NBL. From day dot was umm, well it wasn’t, there wasn’t anything that was handled, it was us doing it the whole time.”

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“There definitely were other options if perhaps the league got on the front foot from day one,” says Bogut.

“Nothing was documented, all these things that the NBL are talking about that they offered, let’s see it on paper, let’s see the actual documents that back up what they’re claiming that they put all these offers formally to clubs.

“I think you’ll find that those documents don’t exist and that’s a big part of my gripe.”

Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer