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An Elvis poster and Little Richard: What sparked Glenn Shorrock’s passion for music

Deborah Knight

Glenn Shorrock is a stalwart of the Australian music industry.

The 73-year-old singer-songwriter is responsible for some of the nation’s most well-known tunes, including ‘Help is On Its Way’.

As well as having success as a solo artist, Glenn was a founding member of popular groups The Twilights, Axiom and the Little River Band.

Now, he’s released an autobiography entitled Now, Where Was I? which reflects on the highs and lows of his illustrious career.

He tells Deborah Knight he was a teenager when he discovered his passion for music, and an international rock n’ roll star played a large part.

“My aunties played records of Sinatra and I listened to them.

“And then Elvis came along and I was twelve.

“His picture went up on my wall and then I sought out all the other rock and roll stars of those days.”

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Glenn’s book also delves into the controversy surrounding the Little River Band, after he and the founding band members were barred from using its name.

He tells Deborah he still doesn’t fully understand it.

“Some of the other members of the band, who aren’t busy, they get a bit miffed about it.”

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