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Amount of Australians on medium-term unemployment benefits doubles

Australia is known as a lucky country, but are we becoming a lazy country?

New figures show the number of Australians on medium-term unemployment benefits has almost doubled in the last five years.

Social Services Minister Dan Tehan tells Chris Smith a cashless welfare card system will help to combat welfare dependency.

“We can encourage people to make sure that they’re spending what money they are getting from the government in areas that will improve their welfare, their well-being and then encourage them to get back to work.

“The best type of welfare we can give anyone is a job.

“We need the Labor party and the Greens to stop their ideological approach to us trying to fix this. The status quo is not working.”

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Chris Smith also speaks with Liberal Senator Jim Molan about the stats.

“I was quite disappointed when I saw.

“This government has done a fair bit. Christian Poter saved $4.5 billion by the application of the rules within social services.

“Are we paying people not to work?

“I just think there is an imbalance in what we’re trying to do. That is, to make social services in Australia sustainable in the long term.”

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