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Amber Lawrence shares heartbreaking loss to help other grieving parents

Country singer Amber Lawrence has opened up about the tragic loss of her baby Edward, in the hope it may help other parents.

Ms Lawrence told Deborah Knight she and her husband Martin lost Edward halfway through her pregnancy recently.

She wants other mums experiencing loss – regardless of when it happens – to know they are not alone.

“We lost him half way through.. we just didn’t know when you get the scan at that 19 weeks you’re not just finding out there’s ten fingers and ten toes … for us it was really bad news.

“When I went public on Facebook last month I was deliberately quiet around the exact facts around how many weeks I was.

“Mainly because [how far along you are] shouldn’t determine whether people allow you to grieve or not.”

She told Deborah it was important grieving parents know it’s OK to talk about it.

She said she was comforted that others who had been through it had also been able to open up and share their experiences, to break down the stigma.

“If you hear of it, talk about it.”

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