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Alex Turnbull under fire for ‘unsavoury, disgraceful’ comments about female journo

The son of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is under fire over a “disgraceful” social media post about a female journalist.

On Monday, The Australian journalist Janet Albrechtsen shared a story about Alex Turnbull to her Twitter account.

“Alex Turnbull has become a very funny caricature of the sore loser,” her caption said.

It didn’t go down well with the former PM’s son, who replied to Ms Albrechtsen with a low blow.

Mr Turnbull went against his progressive beliefs, using the journalist’s sex life to try and shame her.

His tweet has since been deleted and a weak, conditional apology issued.

Ray Hadley has slammed Mr Turnbull’s comment as “disgraceful”.

“He needs to pull his head in and wake up to himself.

“He’s a young man saying dumb things and I’ve cut him some slack… but now he’s entered the debate in the most unsavoury, disgusting way.

“And for that, he should be condemned.”

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Fairfax journalist Latika Bourke rushed to the defence of her News Limited counterpart, questioning Mr Turnbull’s motives.

“If Abbott or any of the right-wing Libs made such a comment about a female journalist would you consider that decent, respectable and a sign of your progressive credentials?”