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Alcohol-free beer has some frothing and others fuming

A new alcohol-free beer is set to hit the market and it’s got some experts concerned.

Carlton and United Breweries is launching ‘Carlton Zero’, a product that looks, tastes and smells like mid-strength beer but has no alcoholic content.

Some are concerned the new-look beer will appeal to children, and will give them the taste for booze long before they’re ready.

Chief Executive of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education Michael Thorn tells Ben Fordham the beverage is “welcome” on the market but there is need to tread carefully.

“I think it’s a welcome product to have on the market, especially if it leads to some people substituting their alcohol product for an alcohol-free product.

“However, I suppose… we’re always suspicious of the motivations of the alcohol industry when it dresses up products like this.

“As your listeners would appreciate, the alcohol industry would be a dying industry if it can’t recruit new drinkers and they are always on the lookout for ways to do that.”

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