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Alcohol distillery supporting frontline workers

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Alcohol distilleries are pivoting away from booze and towards hand sanitiser, after panic buyers strip shelves of the cleanser.

One Australian alcohol producer making the switch, Earp Distilling Co., has decided to partner up with community groups and organisations who are most in need of hand santiser.

Head of the Newcastle-based distillery Cameron Burns tells Mark Levy they started making hand sanitiser to keep their employees safe but soon realised there was a wider need for it in the community, especially for people in the frontline.

“We just started producing it… for helping the community and it just became such a need that we just couldn’t produce it quick enough and we just kept making it and making it to try and support the community.”

Earp Distillery is now planning to donate 1000 bottles of their hand sanitiser to an organisation or charity that needs it.

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