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Anthony Albanese calls for twin referendum next Australia Day

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese wants a dual referendum to settle the heated Australia Day debate.

Mr Albanese has called for a twin referendum to be held on January 26 next year, wanting the public to vote on whether Australia should be a Republic and whether Indigenous Australians should be recognised in the constitution.

Mr Albanese tells Ben Fordham it’s not Labor’s position but is his idea.

“I haven’t tried to make this a Labor position.

“I’m not saying either that this is the idea.  I’m saying it’s an idea and that we need one to break the impasse and to avoid conflict and to unify the nation moving forward.”

He says the ‘change the date’ debate demonstrations have been getting bigger every year.

“There’s no doubt that the demonstrations and the opposition were stronger this year than they were last year.

“There are some people involved in politics who are always looking for an argument rather than a solution so you’re never going to get an absolute consensus.”

Mr Albanese wants the public to also have their say on whether Australia should become a republic.

“The idea that people would have an opportunity to vote for an Australian head of state on Australia Day would also be a very positive thing.”

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Ben Fordham