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Alan’s 8.10 editorial 29.6.17

Development-on-the-run  June 29 2017

Well, how often have we spoken about out-of-control construction of apartment buildings all over Sydney?

It’s been suggested something like 80% of new apartment blocks springing up all over town are, putting it bluntly, not well built and are subject to building warranty insurance claims

The building industry employs people and that’s a good thing

But are quality and design being sacrificed to speed?

Last week the NSW Architects Registration Board fined a Western Sydney architect almost $20,000 and barred him from practising for 5 years

The architect, Alex Sibir, was found to have signed off as the architect on projects for 3 different developers without having designed any of the projects

Sibir was the nominated architect for developers Urban Link, Bechara Chan & Associates and Design Cubicle

But he allegedly, falsely, simply lent his name to their development applications

Building industry regulators across the country are under pressure to lift their game in the wake of London’s fatal Grenfell Tower fire

The NSW Architects Registration Board says it is also seeking legal advice on whether it has power to fine developers responsible for false development applications

Deborah Dearing, the President of the NSW Architects Registration Board, said the ruling against Sibir puts “everyone” on notice

She said “it’s important that as the city densifies, the quality of construction and housing and quality of apartments is as good as it can be”

Hear, hear to that