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Alan Jones reveals the ‘secret deal’ Gladys made to change abortion laws

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The abortion bill has passed the lower house of state Parliament and Alan Jones has revealed a “secret deal” behind the legislation.

The bill, introduced by Independent MP Alex Greenwich, passed 59 votes to 31 with Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s support.

It will now need to get through the Upper House before it becomes law.

Questions are still being raised about how this legislation has been prioritised above other issues when it was never even mentioned during the election.

Well, Alan Jones has revealed rumours on Macquarie Street that point to a secret deal struck during the March election campaign.

Ms Berejiklian and her advisors reportedly believed it would be a hung Parliament and started making promises to independents, including Mr Greenwich, to get their support.

“There’s a secret deal done with Alex Greenwich on this abortion Bill and Alex Greenwich is now holding the Government to it,” says Alan Jones.

“It prompts the question, what else was promised?

“Could, for example, the Ritz-Carlton fiasco be tied up in this as well?

“Was something promised there to guarantee the Green vote in a hung Parliament?

“I can guarantee you one thing, I’ll find out.”

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Image: Nine Newspapers/James Alcock