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Alan Jones reads Luke Foley his ‘political obituary’

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Alan Jones has slammed calls by NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley to give equal status to the Aboriginal flag, saying it’s the “most divisive” argument.

Mr Foley says, if elected, he will fly the indigenous flag alongside the national flag atop the Syndey Harbour Bridge all year round.

Currently, the two flags are raised together for 15 days a year, on Australia Day and during NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week.

Alan Jones has slammed the suggestion saying, “we are all Australians or we’re not”.

“Reconciliation takes place every day of the year, with all Australians.”

The Labor leader called in on the open line to state his case but was promptly put in his place.

Alan, “Are you governing for the majority of NSW or the minority?”

Mr Foley, “Well we’ll see at the election.”

Alan, “They will thrash you Luke, you’re gone, Luke you are gone.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a death notice on the front page of a newspaper and the Telegraph today have recorded your political death.

“Today you have announced you would give equivalence with the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag and that is the most divisive thing I’ve heard from a political leader of any kind.

“You’ve lost the electorate and you’ve lost me.”

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