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Alan Jones phones his own show from Europe

Michael McLaren
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Alan Jones is on a well-deserved holiday, attending the wedding of retired rugby league star Craig Wing in Bordeaux, France.

But, with plenty happening in the United Kingdom and across Europe, Alan was happy to update his listeners on what’s happening in Europe.

He tells Michael McLaren Brexit is causing a whole lot of commotion, that he believes will amount to nothing for Prime Minister Theresa May.

“There’s a lot of drama queens around.

“The question is, is this a leadership issue? No it’s not.

“There will be no challenge to her leadership at all.

“The structures about replacing the leader are very complicated now.”

Alan believes Great Britain’s departure from the EU has become a necessity due to immigration issues.

“This is all very well having open access amongst the 27 European Union countries, that’s terrific, free trade.

“But we just can’t have people coming across the borders from anywhere.”

The other major event happening in London right now is Wimbledon, with Alan sharing his tennis expertise and his thoughts on Serena Williams.

“She’s only got two matches to go… whether she gets nervous and paralysed with expectation, I don’t know. But it’s an astonishing story really.

“I think she’s the greatest female player the world has ever seen.”

“And then Rafa of course in the men’s singles.

Alan also has a tip for tonight’s State of Origin Game Three and his beloved Queensland Maroons.

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