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Alan Jones gets some shut-eye suggestions for World Sleep Day

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When you work in breakfast radio sleep is hard to come by but even amongst those standards, Alan Jones is famous for running off very little shut-eye.

Last night he went to bed at 12.20am and woke up at 2.20am to come to work. We’re talking an average of two hours a night or less than 15 hours a week!

So, this World Sleep Day, he thought he’d get some tips from an expert. Even if it’s too late to help Alan, the rest of us could all do with a little more sleep.

Sleep Health Foundation Dr Moira Junge says sleep is crucial to our emotional wellbeing but warns worrying about not getting enough is the worst thing you can do.

“Once you get worried about not sleeping and you tried too hard to sleep, you get very vigilant and precious and upset about that,” Dr Junge tells Alan Jones.

“If you’re only sleeping four or five hours or less, then go with that and then gradually we can bring it back to normal.

“It’s really important to not try too hard. Don’t get in bed at nine or 10 o’clock because you think you should, and then lie there tossing and turning.

“It’s very important to just match the time in bed with the amount of sleep that you’re realistically going to get.”

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