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Alan Jones demands government help Mascot Towers residents

Alan Jones is calling on the NSW government to help the residents of the recently evacuated Mascot Towers building.

Engineers discovered structural cracks in the 10-year-old apartment complex on Friday night.

The residents were evacuated and now have to find somewhere else to live, with many of them not even allowed back inside to collect their belongings.

It comes after another Sydney apartment complex, the Opal Tower, was evacuated last year when it was deemed structurally unsound.

Alan Jones says the way these residents are being treated is outrageous.

“What’s the government doing about the people at Mascot Towers or Opal Tower?

“What are we saying to people who today are thinking of going to buy a house? Do we then have to go and get our own people, pay engineers, pay inspectors to guarantee that the blasted thing’s not going to fall down around us?!”

Michael Xylas, a real estate agent who is representing some of the Mascot Towers residents, says these issues will continue as long as private certification is allowed.

“When the powers with the local councils back in the 1990s were taken away, that’s when we saw a big change where people could do whatever they wanted.

“All the cowboys came into the industry.

“I think there’s got to be some introduction by government to make sure that every building is inspected on an annual basis.”

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