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Alan Jones confronts Bob Carr over ‘nefarious’ sledge in his new book

Former New South Wales Premier and federal cabinet minister Bob Carr has always been unique, quirky, different.

While most political memoirs are boring, Bob Carr breaks the mould once again with his latest book, Run For Your Life.

From growing up in a fibro house, to entering political life at 15-years-old, to dining with royals and becoming one of Australia’s most respected politicians.

Alan Jones speaks with Mr Carr about, beginning with a hilarious confrontation about his own mention in the book.

Alan: “What does the word nefarious mean?”

Bob Carr: “Notorious, bad repute, ill-character, criminal, wicked.”

Alan: “I note that on page 89 I’m referred to as nefarious.”

Bob Carr: “Geeze… I think that’s ironic intent.”

Alan laughs the encounter off and asks Mr Carr why he’s released the book.

“If there’s a message in this memoir, in this little book, it’s to young people on both sides of politics.”

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All author proceeds from this book are donated to UNHCR to help children displaced by the Syrian civil war.

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