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Airbnb nightmare: There were naked women in our street!

An open line caller to the Ray Hadley Morning Show has told Ray her house was trashed by a group of short-term renters. 

They duped her by booking the house via Airbnb posing as “a production company doing a film clip.

Renee tuned is as Ray was discussing a similar incident in Melbourne where a short-term rental property was “trashed’ by youths during an out of control party.

Caller Renee shared the alarming story of how $13,000 of damage was done to her property.

“There were about a hundred people in the house, 50 percent of them were prostitutes and the neighbours reported people snorting drugs in the backyard. 

“We had naked women walking up and down our street knocking on our neighbours’ doors!” she told Ray.

Ray recounts his own horror story when he tried to rent out a holiday home a few years ago. 

“There were used condoms spread throughout the place, it was just disgraceful.”

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