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‘After a very difficult period… we are now again on the right track’

Former prime minister Tony Abbott is urging Liberal colleagues to get behind Scott Morrison’s leadership.

Mr Abbott says the Prime Minister is off to a “very good” start after Malcolm Turnbull’s ousting.

But Mr Turnbull is being accused of undermining the government by intervening in a number of issues.

The former PM tells Alan Jones it’s disappointing, but the party is now “on the right track”.

“Labor gave us an object lesson in not what to do. But we are where we are and I think that Scott Morrison has got off to a very good start, a very very good start.

“I’m very impressed with the way he’s handled a difficult beginning.

“Obviously my government made some mistakes, all governments do, but I think there’s no doubt there were people who were taking advantage of those mistakes for their own political advancement.

“But again Alan, I think the public wants us to get on with governing.”

Mr Abbott says, “after a very difficult period with quite a lot of self-inflicted wounds, we are now again on the right track.”

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