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After 130 surgeries, this 11yo is taking on Sydney’s toughest challenge

Every year thousands of Sydneysiders take part in the Balmoral Burn, the major fundraising event for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

It could well be the toughest 420m race in the world, going directly up one of Sydney’s steepest streets.

This year, on Sunday May 26, the race will have the most inspirational entrant you could ever possibly imagine.

11-year-old Lauren Channon has undergone 130 operations in her short life.

She suffers two disorders of the digestive system which forced her to be tube-fed until she was nine-years-old.

If all goes well, Lauren will smash the race next Sunday before undergoing her 131st and final surgery in July.

The brave young girl tells Alan Jones she can’t wait to get her life back and start helping others.

“It will feel amazing because I just feel like I don’t have to have any more. I don’t have to wait until the next one.

“Then I can just keep helping Humpty and help other kids get home and finish.”

Alan Jones tells Lauren it’s obvious why she was chosen to be a Junior Ambassador for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

“You’re an angel, you’re a gift from God,” he says.

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We’re all being encouraged to sign up for the Balmoral Burn and raise money for life-saving medical equipment for children’s hospitals.


Lauren has set herself a goal of $13,000 next Sunday.

That number represents $100 for each of the 130 operations she’s undergone in her short life.

You can donate to Lauren’s page HERE