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Michael Ibrahim’s wife embroiled in alleged crime syndicate

Construction identity George Alex and the wife of jailed drug importer Michael Ibrahim are among 12 people charged over an alleged crime syndicate accused of tax fraud.

It’s alleged the group, which also includes Caitlin Hall (pictured) used labour hire businesses to carry out legitimate construction jobs.

She was charged for allegedly receiving money from criminal activity while Alex is alleged to have brought together the group from NSW and Queensland.

Authorities allege the network then outsourced payroll to other companies they controlled.

AFP officers raided properties in NSW, Queensland and the ACT yesterday.

12 people have been charged following the transnational investigation involving the AFP, ASIC and the ATO.

Authorities allege the syndicate withheld paying tax to the tune of $17 million.

AFP Commander Kirsty Schofield says crime groups are diversifying their tactics.

“Transnational and serious organised crime groups are evolving,” she said.

“No longer do they target any specific crime type or commodity, they adapt to their environments by recruiting professional enablers to provide experience in the financial, legal or any other field they feel can earn them money.”

Detectives have seized $22 million dollars in assets.

Sydney Morning Herald investigative reporter Kate McClymont told Jim Wilson Mr Ibrahim’s wife Caitlin had an “interesting role” in the alleged crime.

“It’s alleged that George Alex and Michael Ibrahim were actually the secret owners of one of the key companies mentioned.

“Caitlin Hall was going to Singapore with another woman who’s been arrested … and they established companies in Singapore.

“Money that should’ve been going to the tax office was being to sent to Singapore – basically laundered.”

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