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Adrenaline suppliers waiting on payments, told to take it up with ‘old CEO’

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Suppliers to experience company Adrenaline have been left without payments, just days after it was officially acquired by The Big Red Group (BRG).

BRG is the parent company of Redballoon, another well-known experiences provider.

Adrenaline was acquired by BRG last week, but it appears the takeover hasn’t gone smoothly.

Adrenaline suppliers have been sent a letter, explaining that some payments haven’t been made.

Listener Greg, who is a supplier for Adrenaline, tells Ross Greenwood alarm bells went off for him when they didn’t receive a payment last week.

“I waited until today, to see if the money had hit the account, we get paid on a weekly basis.

“Lo and behold this letter arrived, saying that I’d have to take it up with the old owners. I thought that’s ridiculous.”

He says he’s been urged to contact the former Adrenaline CEO but his emails are bouncing back.

“It’s still the same company that I have a contract with, I don’t have a contract with the old CEO. I have a contract to [sic] the company.”

Greg tells Ross they usually see around $2000-3000 a week, but during the Christmas period they can earn up to $15,000.

“To miss out on one week’s payment is a big chunk for us.”

The Big Red Group have said “should the former owners not meet their financial commitments to you, we’ll work collaboratively to support you in your approach to recover the funds”.

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