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Adrenaline suppliers left without pay will see their money tomorrow

Big Red Group co-founder Naomi Simson says all suppliers of experience company Adrenaline will be paid the money they’re owed by tomorrow.

Last week, The Big Red Group (BRG) acquired Adrenaline but the takeover didn’t go so smoothly.

Some Adrenaline suppliers were left without a week’s pay, with listener Greg raising the issue with Ross Greenwood yesterday.

He said he got a letter from BRG and was told he’d have to contact Adrenaline’s former CEO David Jellins about the missing funds.

But Mr Jellins couldn’t be reached, with emails bouncing back.

Greg said they usually see around $2000-3000 a week from Adrenaline, but during the Christmas period they can earn up to $15,000.

“To miss out on one week’s payment is a big chunk for us.”

BRG co-founder Naomi Simson tells Ross they don’t know why Mr Jellins couldn’t be reached but the problem is now resolved.

“The good news… is we did manage to get hold of him today and literally he’s just getting his ducks in a row.

“I understand he’s making all of the payments tomorrow.”

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