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‘Admit you made a mistake!’: Jim’s Mowing founder’s message to Daniel Andrews

The founder of Jim’s Mowing is pleading with the Victorian Premier to overturn a rule that has left thousands out of work.

Jim Penman’s workers are prevented from going to work while council workers who do the same job are permitted to work during stage 4 restrictions.

Mr Penman told Ben Fordham the initial guidelines allowed sole traders to operate but the Premier still announced the ban on mowing and cleaning.

“The way it appeared to him is that, I can either back down and say ‘look sorry I made a mistake’ or I can throw tens of thousands of Australians into misery and unemployment.

“That was a pretty easy decision for a guy like the Premier, as I’ve come to realise.

“Why did you change your mind? Where’s your evidence?

“Just back down! Admit you made a mistake! This was so unnecessary, to cause this level of suffering for no reason at all, when we are not a danger to you, to the public, to anybody else.”

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