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ACCC turns up the heat on digital giants

The ACCC has its sights set on digital giants, investigating whether companies including Google and Facebook are misusing personal information and compromising existing media companies.

Their investigation will be watched closely by the Western world and could spark more nations following suit.

CEO of Nine Entertainment, Hugh Marks, tells Ross Greenwood media companies and digital giants need to be working together.

“At the moment we’re, particularly with Facebook, inhibited by finding any way to monetise the viewers that are accessing our content on Facebook.

“There are these platforms out there Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… which are part drawing upon our content to make money, but those companies to date have not been constructively working with us to find ways where we can benefit from that exploitation.

“All we’re saying is allow us to use your platform as it can be used but at least in a way where we can monetise it.”

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