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‘Absolutely unacceptable’: Opal Tower crisis continues with more cracks found

More cracks have been found inside the Opal Tower at Sydney Olympic Park.

Days after the building’s problems were said to be isolated to the cracked panel found on the tenth floor, two areas have been located on the fourth floor.

Design engineering firm WSP says the areas show some evidence of damage, although not as severe.

In a statement, the firm says engineers have been called in to install structural supports.

They’re being implemented as a precautionary measure as the building itself is said to be structurally sound overall.

It could leave residents displaced from their homes for months.

NSW Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean tells Deborah Knight “it’s unacceptable”.

“You’re home in your biggest investment and people have every right to expect that their home is safe and free from major defects when they move into it.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s gone in here.”

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