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‘Absolute BS!’: Ray Hadley blasts Centrelink inaccuracies

Ray Hadley has slammed the inaccurate advice coming from government as thousands of unemployed Australians struggle to access Centrelink.

Centrelink offices across the country have been inundated with requests after masses of people were left unemployed when the government ordered a shutdown of non-essential services to help contain coronavirus.

Government Services Minister Stuart Robert had advised Australians could get a Customer Reference Number (CRN) online without lining up at Centrelink to prove their identity.

But Ray Hadley has been inundated with emails from listeners unable to access Centrelink on MyGov without a CRN.

Now, the advice has changed and customers are being directed to call centres to get a CRN.

Ray Hadley has blasted the conflicting advice being given to Australians in hard times.

“The information coming from the minister is a crock of you know what, it’s an absolute bit of BS!

“You can’t get the CRN by going to the website and if you wish to make a phone call to that number you will wait for a long, long, time – and that’s if you get through!”

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