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Abortion debate: The politician vs. the priest

The debate continues to rage around proposed abortion laws introduced into state parliament yesterday.

MPs are being told they will have as much time as they need to debate the bill which would decriminalise abortion in New South Wales.

Independent MP Alex Greenwich absolutely refutes claims his legislation is being rushed through, telling Steve Price he’s been working on it for months.

“This is something that is long overdue. New South Wales is the only state that still considers abortion to be a crime.

“It is so important for women in this state and their doctors that they have the legal clarity that this is a medical procedure and should be regulated appropriately.

“My bill ensures that after 22 weeks, two doctors are involved. It’s a greater safeguard than currently exists.”

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Christian groups are fighting hard against the laws, saying it forces doctors to participate in the practice.

Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher tells Steve Price “there’s an extremism about this bill”.

“Abortion is not hard to find in this state.

“Why you want to co-opt the entire medical profession into it. Why we can’t live and let live and allow people to have their own conscience in these matters.

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Image: Getty / Cassandra Hannagan