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Liberal MP attacks ABC for cabinet file leaks

The ABC has uncovered 100’s of classified government documents after the locked filing cabinet they were in was accidentally sold to a second-hand furniture shop in Canberra.

The ABC’s reports include the following claims:

  • Tony Abbott ignored the advice of his own department when he ordered confidential cabinet documents be handed over to a royal commision
  • The Australian Federal Police lost nearly 400 national security documents over five years
  • Scott Morrison agreed his department should intervene in ASIO security checks to prevent asylum seekers from being granted permanent protection visas

Ben Fordham speaks with Liberal MP Craig Kelly to find out more.

“Someone’s lost the keys, shuffled it off to the auction house, not actually checking what was inside.

“If you come across property that doesn’t belong to you… I think most Australians would do the right thing and return it to the original owner.

“If our ABC – we fund the ABC, there’s taxpayers money –  if they get ahold of things marked confidential, I really think there’s an obligation upon the ABC to contact the Australia Federal Police and hand them back.

“I don’t think the national broadcaster is actually acting in the national interest.”

Listen to the full interview below