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‘A question of equity’: Top university lowers entry bar for women

The University of Technology Sydney has come under fire for lowering the bar for female students seeking to enter certain degrees.

Female school leavers who want to study engineering, IT or construction will receive an extra 10 points to their ATAR, giving them a boost over their male counterparts.

The university says it will help boost the number of women studying typically male-dominated courses.

While Ben Fordham questions whether the policy is fair, Shivani Gopal from The Remarkable Woman says women need that extra push to enter the industry.

“It’s not a question of fairness, it’s a question of equity.

“Is it fair that women in engineering only make up 12 per cent of the overall Australian engineering course? Is it fair that women in engineering are paid about 24 per cent less than men?”

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But Federal Vice President of the Liberal Party Teena McQueen tells Ben Ms Gopal’s remarks are outrageous.

“I think a remarkable woman who wants to do engineering is one who achieves the marks to get into engineering.”