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‘A piece of garbage’: Twisted Sister frontman slams Clive Palmer for using his song

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider is in Australia, and he’s warning Clive Palmer to stop using the band’s iconic track We’re Not Gonna Take It.

In Mr Palmer’s United Australia Party advertisements, the lyrics “Australia ain’t gonna cop it, no Australia’s not gonna cop it, Aussies not gonna cop it anymore” are featured.

In the Twisted Sister original, the lyrics are “Oh we’re not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it, oh we’re not gonna take it any more”.

Frontman Dee Snider says the political hopeful knew what he was doing was illegal.

“He’s just, in my opinion, a liar at heart and a cheat,” he tells Ross Greenwood.

“He’s reluctant, with all his money, to pay the fair price to use somebody’s music.”

Mr Sinder says “the real frustration for me is that people think I’m endorsing it”.

“The song at its heart is about choice.

“He’s clearly anti-choice, so for him to use my song, change the words… people are affiliating me with him and I hate that.”

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Mr Snider then compares the situation to a similar one with US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump used the same song throughout his election campaign, but immediately stopped when Mr Snider asked.

“This is the difference between a decent human being and a piece of garbage.

“Clive, whatever his name is, is clearly not a decent person.”

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