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‘A national laughing stock’: Victorian government lashed for handling of COVID-19 crisis

The Victorian Labor government is being slammed for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic as cases continue to soar.

It was revealed 30 per cent of travellers in hotel quarantine in Victoria refused to get tested before going home.

Now, anyone who refuses will be barred from leaving the hotel for an extra 10 days.

Victoria had some of the most stringent restrictions at the height of the pandemic, with the banning of golf and prolonged closure of schools.

Victorian MP Tim Smith told Ben Fordham Premier Daniel Andrews needs to get his priorities straight.

“He’s got egg on his face because he’s been focused on all the wrong things.

“He should have been focusing on the one thing that genuinely stops the spread of this virus and that’s quarantining people who are sick.

“Instead of worrying about… all this sort of peripheral rubbish that made no difference really, to the spread of the virus. Well, a couple of really important things they completely forgot about and they missed.

“I think that’s why we, in Victoria, are the COVID capital of the nation and, frankly, are a national laughing stock.”

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