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A message from Alan Jones on his health

Alan Jones has had a “rough week” since calling in sick last Friday.

What he initially thought was a bad cold has turned into a really nasty bout of the flu and led to further issues with his eyes.

Alan gave Steve Price the following message to read to his loyal listeners, updating them on the situation.

“It’s been a rough week.

I’ve had no voice, awful coughing bouts and a fever.

And the infection spread to my eyes.

The doctors have been working on different medications.

This flu certainly has a bite to it.

On Wednesday they added a heavy dose of cortisone to reduce inflammation which was causing the coughing and obstruction of the vocal chords.

Thankfully, that has worked and I’ve since been able to sleep.

I’ve seen an eye specialist and received appropriate medication for that.

I expect to leave hospital today (Friday) and will be back on air next Monday, August 5.”