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‘A lot went wrong with the Ruby Princess’: Premier says lessons will be learnt

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says “we need to learn from the mistakes” when it comes to the Ruby Princess debacle.

The Ruby Princess cruise ship disembarkation blunder has been linked to 28 COVID-19 deaths and hundreds of positive cases across Australia.

Ms Berejiklian told Jim Wilson “there’s no doubt a lot went wrong with the Ruby Princess”.

“I think what a pandemic has taught all of us, especially those of us in decision-making positions, is the need to be responsive and flexible and coordinate with people we normally don’t coordinate with.”

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The report is damning of the role NSW Health played, saying the “obviously unacceptable outcome could – and should – have been avoided”.

Other parts of the report mention “NSW Health should have ensured that cruise ships were aware of the change to the definition of a ‘suspect case’ for COVID-19” and “NSW Health should also have ensured that such persons were isolated in cabins”.

“These were serious mistakes by NSW Health.”

“The delay in obtaining test results for the swabs taken from the Ruby Princess on the morning of 19 March is inexcusable. Those swabs should have been tested immediately.”

“In light of all the information the Expert Panel had, the decision to assess the risk as ‘low risk’ – meaning, in effect, ‘do nothing’ – is as inexplicable as it is unjustifiable.”

Find the full report HERE.