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‘A hell of a mess’: National parks at risk of bushfires

A former National Party member has accused the policies of the Greens of putting the state’s national parks at a greater risk of bushfires.

Bushfires are raging across northern NSW and Queensland, with dozens of homes destroyed.

The Greens have been criticised for blaming fires on climate change but former National Party member for Monaro Peter Cochran says their policies are partially to blame.

He tells Steve Price dead trees are putting the Kosciuszko National Park at risk.

“Those who manage the national parks are very much restricted by the political agenda of the Greens.

“What happens now is the dead trees that are still standing there are unable to be secured for firewood or retrieved so those dead trees, thousands of acres of them, are now hitting the ground and becoming the fuel for the next fire.

“The management of the national parks are appalling and we are in a hell of a mess.”

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