81yo grandmother wrangles two snakes from family BBQ


Faye Morgan has grown up on a farm and she’s no stranger to slithering snakes.

So when the 81-year-old grandmother had to pull two pythons from a family member’s barbecue, she did so with ease.

In the footage, she can be seen grabbing the first serpent by the head and tail before yanking it out.

Then, she goes back for the second one!

“She’s got absolutely no fear!” Ben Fordham says.

See 81-year-old pull two pythons from the barbecue below


Ben has given Faye a call to see where her snake-wrangling skills come from and how this rescue came about.

She says her Dad taught her the ins and outs of the craft.

“I lived in Victoria and when I was growing up Dad was pretty good at giving us in the instructions on safety with snakes and all that.

“We were trained on what to do, what not to do.”

Although this reptile rescue was caught on camera, Faye reveals she’s been to the same house before where the pesky snake was much, much bigger.

“About 18 months ago they had a huge snake, well over 3ft.

“I came to the rescue.”

Click PLAY below to hear from this super nan Faye Morgan