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3/100: How our major fast food players perform in the health stakes

A new report has rated our fast food restaurants and the gold stars are few and far between.

A study conducted by Deakin University gave our fast food chains a rating out of 100 based on their healthy eating policies.

Sandwich giant Subway performed the best, receiving a score of 48/100. McDonald’s took second place with 42/100.

Dominos came in last, awarded a score of 3/100.

Nutritionist and dietician Susie Burrell says more and more Aussies are turning to take-away and the pressure should be on our major chains to offer healthy alternatives.

“We’ve known for some time that the major fast food players literally do a bare minimum when it comes to promoting healthy meals,” Susie tells Chris Smith.

“They have a social responsibility to be doing something to help promote healthy eating messages.

“Only a couple of the major chains, Nandos and Subway, were happy to speak to the researchers. The other ones said go to our website.”

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