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2GB listeners pitch in to help a pensioner in need

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The story of a 71-year-old pensioner who lost $1500 at his local shops has inspired 2GB listeners to come to his aid.

2GB listener Kara spoke with Ben Fordham, pleading for someone who may have found the money to come forward and return it.

Kara’s grandfather Gary, who lives by himself, had just withdrawn his pension payment as well as his government stimulus money.

“Unfortunately, he went up to Mt Druitt shopping centre and he’s lost his money… out of his wallet, ” Kara tells Ben.

“I just wanted to see if someone could come forward.”

Kara told Ben the difficult situation has shaken her grandfather, and with the social distancing conditions it makes it hard for her to get to him.

Well, it didn’t take long for 2GB listeners to come together in a bid to help Gary out.

Ben was flooded with calls from people wanting to help and pledging donations of $100 and $200, even Steven from CLJ Construction who truly went above and beyond.

“I heard he was shaken up and it just breaks my heart to know he was shaken up and I just want to make him feel better by giving him $1500,” Steven tells Ben.

With the tally already at $500, Steven ended up putting in the rest to make sure Gary got back the full amount he lost.

“Mate, I’m just trying to be compassionate, I think we’re all compassionate Australians here, I’m blessed that I’m working… so I think it’s just that right time to give,” says Steven.

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