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2GB listener exposes fake beggars in Sydney


After police uncovered an alleged fake begging syndicate in Melbourne, a 2GB listener says she’s spotted a similar operation on the streets of Sydney.

Police busted the ring of ‘professional beggars’ in Melbourne, who had allegedly been flown in from China on tourist visas to carry out the scheme.

Seven people have been charged with begging-related offences, with police alleging none of those involved are actually homeless.

But listener Li says the issue isn’t just confined to Melbourne.

She tells John Stanley that when she confronted a group of the fake beggars in the Sydney CBD they became angry and told her to stop “exposing them”.

“They have to be stopped because now it could be a small problem but in the future, it will be a big problem.

“They are actually taking advantage of the good hearts of the Australian people.

“They took away all the strategic positions for the legitimate or the real beggars.”

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The Salvation Army has indicated they expect similar raids will be conducted in Sydney in the near future.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp tells Ben Fordham it “wouldn’t be unexpected” that the scam could be happening in other cities.

“The big message out of this is really there are much more effective ways to help our rough sleepers than giving money to beggers.”

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