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29yo Liberal MP goes toe-to-toe with Alan Jones on factional infighting

An up and coming young politician has gone head-to-head with Alan Jones over the infighting threatening to tear the state Liberal Party apart.

29-year-old NSW MP Taylor Martin joined Alan to push for the future of nuclear power in Australia, calling for its prohibition to be lifted.

Alan Jones agrees wholeheartedly, arguing it’s a sustainable and reliable source of power for the future.

After thorough discussion, Alan Jones questioned the Upper House MP over his involvement in “plotting and planning and branch stacking” alongside factional powerbrokers.

“Why would a young man who’s just spoken like you have, an idealistic 29-year-old take his riding instruction from someone like Alex Hawke, who has an awful reputation debasing the Liberal Party in NSW. Why are you into that?” asks Alan.

“Well, Alan, I’m not into that… and I don’t agree with the premise of your question, to be frank. I’m a part of the Liberal Party, I’m a part of the conservative section of the Liberal Party. Simple as that.”

Alan continued with his questioning though, asking “Have you been involved in ringing people up and urging people to knock-off someone?”

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Before the fiery encounter, Alan and Mr Martin had a thorough discussion on the future of nuclear power in New South Wales.

Alan Jones agreed with the young MP’s push for nuclear power to be a part of the state’s energy make-up, questioning why it isn’t already.

“I’m just wondering when government are going to wake up to this,” says Alan.

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