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10yo nearly crushed to death under garage door

A 10-year-old boy who was nearly crushed under an industrial garage door was saved by his heroic siblings.

Samuel Wiley was at the local shops in Davidson with his family when he tried to slip under the door leading to the car park.

Instead, he became trapped and was moments from being crushed to death when his quick-thinking siblings acted.

Seven-year-old sister Jessica used a pole she found on the floor to push a button that was too high up for her to reach.

The button immediately opened the door, and older brother William stood in front of the sensor to stop it from coming back down.

Samuel avoided serious injury but suffered a haemorrhage behind one eye.

His mum Rebecca tells Ben Fordham she was amazed by her daughter’s quick thinking.

“I just looked at her, I could not believe what she’d done.”

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