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$1 million push to eradicate feral cats could save native Aussie animals

A push is underway to breed feral cats out of existence and save millions of native Australian animals.

Sydney businessman Andrew Clifford has pledged up to $1 million to fund a plan to eradicate the feral creatures.

The money will help develop a genetically modified feral cat which would only give birth to male offspring, eventually breeding the animals out of existence.

CEO of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy Atticus Fleming tells Ben Fordham boots on the ground has to come before a long-term scientific solution.

“These funds will go toward that kind of science but also getting boots on the ground… to get rid of as many cats as we can while we’re working on the long-term solution.

“This is not about domestic cats. There are millions of feral cats.

“Three million native mammals, birds, reptiles [are] killed every night by feral cats.”

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