3:00pm October 21

Annabelle is a graceful gentle girl with beautiful black and white markings, especially on her face and legs. 

3:00pm October 21

Jerry is a very lovable well mannered Beagle. He is super food motivated, always sniffing out for treats. He is very social with other dogs and is very agile and active. No problems getting the paws up on the kitchen bench!

3:00pm October 7

Bree is a very sweet natured girl. She is social with other dogs, happy to play with kids and loves some attention and affection. She walks well on loose lead ignoring passing dogs and cars. She has a short coat and weighs 4.1kg.

3:00pm October 7

Levi is 12 weeks old. He came from the pound very sick but has now fully recovered and has a glossy shiny coat. He is FIV+ so wants to be an indoor cat. He comes desexed, wormed, F3 vaccinated, FIV tested and microchipped.

3:00pm August 12

NAME: Bowie

3:00pm August 12


8:33am August 4

Chris talks to the animal behaviorist about pets at work day


3:00pm July 8

Izzy is a happy friendly girl who is very social with other dogs and does not mind cats. She has a gentle nature and loves to have her humans around. She has a low shedding coat and weighs 6.7kg.

5:26pm July 6

Dr. Rob Zammit has advice on how to help.

3:00pm July 1

Barney is a lovely affectionate happy boy.

3:00pm June 17

Louie is a happy energetic little boy who is social with other dogs and likes to company of kids.

3:00pm June 3

Dimitri - Domestic Medium Haired

3:00pm May 20



Chewbacca is a Persian X Long Haired who is roughly 17 weeks old. Chewbacca is a gentle & affectionate boy. He loves cuddles & would make the purrrrfect lap cat.


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