3:00pm July 8

Izzy is a happy friendly girl who is very social with other dogs and does not mind cats. She has a gentle nature and loves to have her humans around. She has a low shedding coat and weighs 6.7kg.

5:26pm July 6

Dr. Rob Zammit has advice on how to help.

3:00pm July 1

Barney is a lovely affectionate happy boy.

3:00pm June 17

Louie is a happy energetic little boy who is social with other dogs and likes to company of kids.

3:00pm June 3

Dimitri - Domestic Medium Haired

3:00pm May 20



Chewbacca is a Persian X Long Haired who is roughly 17 weeks old. Chewbacca is a gentle & affectionate boy. He loves cuddles & would make the purrrrfect lap cat.

10:27pm May 16

Steve Price speaks with Greg Hunt about dispersing the flying fox camp in the Batemans Bay Water Garden and surrounding areas, expected to cost $6.2 million. 

9:50am May 8

Should new pet owners get time off to become settled in with the newest member of their household? Animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti seems to think so

3:00pm May 6

Goldie at Collaroy Vets

3:00pm May 6

Tubby is a very sweet gentle boy who can get spooked by sudden movements or noises. He walks well on loose lead. He is social with other dogs and is easy to pick up but he is looking for an adult home. He has a soft feathered coat.

3:00pm April 22

Ashton is an active happy dog. He gets very excited out on a walk and barks at other dogs. Once he has released some of that energy he calms down. He also enjoys pats and cuddles from visitors. He is low shedding and weighs 4.9kg.

3:00pm April 8

Jacl is a sweet happy dog who enjoys the company of kids. He walks on loose lead and pays attention to his walker.

3:00pm April 1

Elvis is a very sooky cuddly boy who wants to have his people around.


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