TiaTia Torti Female mum took in orphaned Toby White kitten (deaf) They have have developed a very close bond and we would really love to home them together.

Tubby is a very sweet gentle boy who can get spooked by sudden movements or noises. He walks well on loose lead. He is social with other dogs and is easy to pick up but he is looking for an adult home. He has a soft feathered coat.

Ashton is an active happy dog. He gets very excited out on a walk and barks at other dogs. Once he has released some of that energy he calms down. He also enjoys pats and cuddles from visitors. He is low shedding and weighs 4.9kg.

Jacl is a sweet happy dog who enjoys the company of kids. He walks on loose lead and pays attention to his walker.

Elvis is a very sooky cuddly boy who wants to have his people around.

CONTACT: The Cottage Animal Hospital at North Parramatta on 9890 7220. Clover (7wks, seal point, female), Nettle (7wks, tabby, female) and Dandelion (7wks, white&tabby, male) came to us at 4 weeks of age & unwell from the pound.

Tim is a sweet, gentle boy who has been well socialised around dogs. He is affectionate and very cuddly with people. He is happy to be picked up by strangers. He has a scruffy coat that we have clipped and weighs 5.5kg.

Squiggle is a sweet happy boy who is easy to cuddle and pick up. He has a calm nature and is very social with other dogs.

Keira is Courtney's little puppy. She has had her first vaccination and is ready for viewing and will be available for adoption from 8 weeks of age.

Selma is a very gentle affectionate girl. She came blind. She has been to an eye specialist and she can now see from her Left eye. Unfortunately her right lens is detached. Selma is very cuddly and social with other dogs.


CONTACT: The Cottage Animal Hospital at North Parramatta on 9890 7220. Honey is a Domestic Shorthair x Russian Blue? female cat. Honey will come de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $220.

Lil Chrissy is a super friendly happy girl. She is very social with other dogs and already walks well on lead. She has an incredibly gentle and placid nature and has just the best social skills with dogs.

Susie chats to Kristina Vesk OAM, CEO of the Cat Protection Society 


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