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‘You have to tell your son there’s no hope’: Father breaks down while delivering crucial message

In studio with Chris Smith

A father who lost his son to melanoma has broken down in studio while speaking of a march to fight the disease.

James Economides and Jay Allen are walking from Adelaide to Sydney, raising money for research.

Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world with 30 people diagnosed a day and 1200 dying from the disease each year.

Last year they walked 1200 kilometres from Brisbane to Sydney, raising more than $250,000.

This year the two men are going even bigger.

Jay’s Longest Melanoma March kicks off on March 31st in Adelaide and runs for 50 days and 2000 kilometres, finsishing up on May 19 in Sydney.

Both have had horrific experiences with the disease and are desperate to stop others going through the same experience.

Jay was just 32-years-old when he was diagnosed after a mole on his ankle became malignant.

“The Melanoma Institute of Australia saved my life so I want to give back,” he says.

James wasn’t so lucky, losing his son Michael to the disease at just 20-years-of-age.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life is say goodbye to him.

“With a couple of days left in his life, we were still hoping. But you have to tell your son there’s no hope.

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Jay and James are urging people to donate to the cause but more so, they want people to help themselves.

“By simply going to get your skin checked you can save your own life and your family’s life,” says Jay.


In studio with Chris Smith