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Woolworths cave after dudding 30-year employee with stage four cancer

Woolworths has bowed to pressure from Ray Hadley after he revealed the supermarket giant has been dudding a long-term employee with stage four cancer.

A listener who has worked for the chain for over 30 years, turned to Ray out of desperation.

A stuff-up on Woolworths’ behalf has seen the sick employee denied the income protection payments he’s entitled to, with the company refusing to make it right.

Ray slammed the corporation for its disgraceful treatment of a loyal worker.

“How about you look after a man… who’s given a lifetime of service to your company.

Woolies claimed to be “working on a solution” with insurer AMP but Ray took aim at CEO Brad Banducci, calling on him to rectify the situation immediately.

“You’re treating him like a piece of dirt. Hang your head in shame.

“Talk to the insurer and give the bloke some money today.”

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Ray and dozens of listeners vowed to boycott the company until the situation was rectified.

Well, just over an hour later Woolworths retreated, admitting it was in the wrong.

Head Office contacted the man, apologising and assuring him he will get his entitlements and back pay, one way or another.

An exasperated Ray Hadley promises he will follow this until the money is in his listener’s bank account.

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