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Woman plays accidental matchmaker in modern day romance

Deborah Knight

An airplane romance has emerged on social media after an accidental matchmaker live-tweeted two passengers fall in love on her plane.

Rosey Blair asked a woman to trade seats on her Alaska Airlines flight so she could sit next to her boyfriend as they travelled home to Texas from New York.

As a joke, Rosey suggested the woman’s new neighbour could be the “love of her life”.

Watching the fairytale romance unfold, she live-tweeted the start of their relationship.

The pair were flirting and eventually followed each other on social media.

They got off the flight and went through customs as a pair and the latest update is they’re still together.

It’s prompted Deborah Knight to ask, how did you meet the love of your life?

Deborah met her husband at the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery and 20 years later, she says “we’re still going strong”.

Peter rang in and shared his story of how he “married the girl next door” and this year, they’re celebrating 44 years together.

“When I was 17 and I asked her father could I marry her, she was sixteen. He said no, not until you’ve got an adult wage.

“So I joined the army… held him to his word and we were married two months later.”

Listener Michael has a unique story. He met his loved one after they were pen pals, for six years.

This year, he is celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife.

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Deborah Knight