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‘Without this we’re gone’: Farmers begging customers to boycott Coles

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Ben is ramping up the campaign for a 10c milk levy to help our struggling farmers.

So far almost 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the price of a litre of milk to be increased by 10 cents, with the money raised used for a drought fund to assist producers.

Farmers are now calling on consumers to boycott grocery giant Coles because they are refusing to get on board with the milk levy idea.

Dairy Farmer from Dayboro in Queensland, Joe Bradley, tells Ben Fordham things are “unbelievably tough here at the moment” and situations are now dire.

“This is absolutely critical… it’s beyond the point of no return now.”

Mr Dayboro says all the other major supermarkets are prepared to jump on board provided Coles agrees to also. However, Coles is the only one declining to take up the initiative.

“I’m dumbfounded, I just can not understand why Coles will not want to do it or support us.

“Farmers are a pretty conservative mob and we don’t take action lightly, but what we’re saying is… if  Coles won’t support us well please people don’t support Coles in any way shape or form.

” We’re talking about all groceries, not just milk… don’t go to Coles at all until they come onboard.

“This is our one last chance for us as dairy farmers to survive, without this we’re gone, simple as that.”

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Mr Dayboro is “pleading with Coles” to help them, pointing out that 10c may not sound like much, “but it’s another $13,000 a month that will come to my farm, to help me feed my cows” and to keep his head above water.

Ben’s message to the boss of Coles, John Durken is, ” John it’s over to you – until further notice I won’t be shopping at Coles”.

Since the story went to air, Ben has been flooded with passionate listeners prepared to boycott the store until they get behind our farmers.

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