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Will ‘no’ voters be protected if same-sex marriage passes?

If same-sex marriage is legalised, will there be protections for those who voted no?

Results for the same-sex marriage survey will be released on Wednesday, with the yes vote predicted to win.

If that’s the case, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to pass legislation before Christmas.

Questions are being raised about the current bill proposed by Western Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith and what protection it offers to religious freedoms.

Smith has suggested the issue could be addressed with separate legislation after gay marriage is passed.

2GB Breakfast Alan Jones says that approach would bring an end to Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, “I voted yes in the postal vote but if there’s a move not to guarantee religious freedoms then I think all hell will break loose.”

On Monday Liberal Senator James Paterson released an alternative draft bill to legalise same-sex-marriage, while preserving the freedoms of all Australians.

The 29-year-old has told Alan Jones religious freedom is a basic human right , “I think it’s one of our most fundamental freedoms, it goes hand in hand with freedom of conscience and with freedom of speech.”

“Right now there is legal uncertainty about whether you can share your view of marriage without being taking to an anti-discrimination commission and potentially to court.

“Someone could be asked to hold a same sex wedding, decline to do so, and be sued as a result.”

But, the senator is adamant his bill will not allow discrimination against gay and lesbians in day-to-day life.

“It is limited, it’s only for the purposes of weddings. It doesn’t allow you to discriminate against gay couples in every walk of life.”